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A tender cut of beef from the lower back of the cow, sold as roasting joints and steaks. It’s slightly less tender than sirloin but still only needs quick cooking. Rump steaks can be grilled or fried ,But Grilling is a healthier method of cooking as any fat can drip away during cooking.


A burger is the cornerstone of any nutritious meal. If you only eat burgers from fast-food vendors, you’re missing out. Home-made burgers can be far tastier – not to mention healthier – and as a Bonus: you can be much more confident they’re made from actual farm bred cows and chickens.


Gochi Gochi chicken is fire grilled chicken, the grill gives the chicken a great flavor you just can't get any other way.


Top Dishes

Muriwo nedovi

Muriwo une Dovi (Vegetables prepared with peanut

Rice nedovi

This a traditional zimbabwean meal that can be

Sadza ne Road Runner

Sadza (Pap) is the staple food in Zimbabwe, which