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  • Eastlea Gardens
    Fresh Delight Gardens Eastlea Gardens situated in eastlea just 10-15mins drive from Harare CBD, ...
  • Private Parties
    Create new memories and easily entertain your guests when you host your private and social events at Eastlea Gardens
  • From farm to fork
    Most of the ingredients used to prepare the food we serve are always fresh from the farm.
  • Outdoor Catering
    Our exceptional outdoor catering service brings an array of our signature dishes and renowned five star service to you


Greek Salad

Greek salad is a salad in Greek cuisine. The salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced ...

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Gochi Gochi Chicken

Gochi Gochi chicken is fire grilled chicken, the grill gives the chicken a great flavor you just ...

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Sautéed chicken

A properly sautéed liver makes a rich snack or a tasty addition to a meal especially chicken liver ...

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Hake Fillet

Hake fillet is a type of fish product made from hake which is largely used in Spanish cuisine. Hake ...

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Green Salad

Green Salad also known as garden salad or tossed salad is a salad consisting mostly of fresh ...

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Grilled Rump Steak

A tender cut of beef from the lower back of the cow, sold as roasting joints and steaks. It’s ...

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Rice nedovi

This a traditional zimbabwean meal that can be served with any relish.This a very nutritious dish ...

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Sadza ne Road Runner

Sadza (Pap) is the staple food in Zimbabwe, which can be taken at supper aswell as for lunch. The ...

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Muriwo nedovi

Muriwo une Dovi (Vegetables prepared with peanut butter), The vegetable used can be Rape, Covo or ...

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Burger & Chips

A burger is the cornerstone of any nutritious meal. If you only eat burgers from fast-food vendors, ...

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